Thousands Of People Are Getting Instant Relief From Chronic Foot Pain By Making This One Weird Change To The Way They Walk.

From healthcare workers to hikers, people everywhere are turning to Comfy Sole’s Triple Support System to regain control of their foot health, WITHOUT costly therapies, surgeries, and medications. Find out why…

Do you know the number 1 thing making your plantar fasciitis worse? 

It's your shoes!

Modern footwear might just be your feet's worst enemy.

From too-small toe boxes that crush your feet into unnatural positions to tight sides that leave no room for natural swelling, today's shoes can often be torture devices for your feet.

And we aren’t just talking about discomfort.

Modern shoes can cause serious long-term damage to your arches, heels, and fascia muscles aggravating Plantar Fasciitis and making the pain unbearable…

…And that’s just the men!

Women’s shoes are more often than not designed for style instead of support making the issue even worse!

And this isn't exclusive to plantar fasciitis….

Flat feet, heel pain, nerve pain – you name it, the wrong shoes can make any foot condition significantly worse.

But it’s not all doom and gloom.

You can actually fix any pair of shoes you own with one very simple change that I’ll share with you here.

Don’t Believe That Shoes Are The Problem? Check Out These Shocking Stats!

A recent study published by The Journal Of Family Medicine And Primary Care revealed a shocking statistic.

They discovered that as many as 55.5% of people wear inappropriate shoes that had hard, non-cushioned insoles WITHOUT built-in arch support.

Most shoes fail to provide the necessary support and cushioning…

…essentially giving your feet a death sentence.

You see, shoes without the correct cushioning and support, place your plantar fascia under immense stress.

When this tissue suffers too much stress it begins to tear.

It’s the tears that cause stiffness, inflammation, and pain.

According to the experts, it starts slowly then gets gradually worse over time eventually leading to pain so bad you can’t function properly.

And that was EXACTLY what was happening to me!

I Didn’t Notice The Pain Much At First But Soon It Became Unbearable. 

The pain crept up on me almost overnight.

At first I was able to ignore it.

I put it down to spending too long on my feet, walking too much, and just general wear and tear.

But within a few weeks of first noticing the pain, it got to a point where it became unbearable.

There’s all sorts of ridiculous ideas out there about how you should treat plantar fasciitis but I was desperate so I tried them all.

Ice baths, anti-inflammatory meds, stretching exercises…

…you name it I tried it.

At best, these provided temporary relief…

…at worst, they did nothing.

After trying everything and getting no results, I was about to give up.

I was sitting on my coach one afternoon, looking at the front door and thinking, how much I’d love to go outside for a walk and get some fresh air…

…when the thought of how much pain I’d be in crept into my mind.

I was practically flinching at just the thought of trying to slip on my shoes.

And then it hit me like a bolt of lightning…

…could my shoes be the problem?

I’d never really thought about it before but my shoes were not exactly in the best condition…

So I started digging into this a little more and it turns out I was right!

Modern Shoes Prevent Your Foot’s Natural Suspension System From Working Properly Leading To Chronic Pain. 

Let me explain…

Modern shoes prevent your natural suspension system from working properly.

They squeeze your foot tight, stopping your arch from moving to absorb the shock.

Imagine your plantar fascia (that little band of tissue under your foot that gets inflamed) is a balloon.

If you hold it gently at the end it will move and flex without popping…

But if you squeeze all the air down to one end it becomes hard, rigid, and can’t flex anymore.

That’s exactly what your shoe is doing to your foot. It is squeezing it so tight that your natural suspension system can’t work, causing you pain and discomfort.

When it doesn’t work properly, the band that’s supposed to help absorb the shock becomes inflamed.

Which means that if you want to correct the problem, you need to help your own shock absorption system work properly.

When you do that your body will start to heal, reducing the inflammation, taking away the pain, and allowing the foot to function naturally, giving you your freedom back!

If all you do is treat your plantar fasciitis with pain meds, ice baths, and rest, you NEVER fix the root cause and the pain is certain to come back…

…But when you fix your foot’s natural suspension system, the body can begin to heal and fix the problem for good.

So, how do you do it? 

Comfy Sole Helps Support Your Natural Suspension System So Your Feet Can Absorb Shock Naturally And Begin Healing!

I network with a lot of other health bloggers.

So, when I put out an SOS into my group chat I got a bunch of responses.

Several of them suggested I check out Comfy Sole.

They’re made by this wellness start up in Finland called Norelie.

They use the latest scientific research to create products that help people manage and recover from pain.

They designed something called Comfy Sole to help relieve and reverse the pain caused by plantar fasciitis.

Comfy Sole uses cutting-edge ergonomic research to mimic the natural suspension system of your foot.

The ComfySole provides supreme cushioning and arch support for the foot,

That means it takes pressure off the plantar fascia, reducing inflammation and promoting the natural healing process.

The result?

Almost instant relief from pain.

A reduction of inflammation and swelling in the feet.

And an increase mobility and comfort standing and walking.

I’ve been using mine for several months now and I honestly don’t know how I lived without them.

And It turns out that I’m not the only one.

There are thousands of people singing the praises of ComfySole.

Just ask Lily who managed to overcome plantar fasciitis in less than a month

For years, every step I took felt like I was walking on sharp stones.

I tried everything for my plantar fasciitis - ice, stretching exercises, even painkillers, but nothing helped. Sounds dramatic, but it got so bad that I thought I would never enjoy a simple walk again.

Then I saw an ad on Youtube about these new insoles that promised to help with plantar fasciitis.

Honestly? I didn't expect much.

But within a month, the change was incredible. My feet felt supported in a way they hadn't been in years. The pain began to subside until one day it just ... disappeared.

I went for daily walks, jogs and even out with our dog again. Now I won't wear a pair of shoes without these insoles. They gave me back my freedom and now I only look forward. - Lily, 54

Or Oliver, who was looking for insoles to relieve the strain on his feet when taking 20,000 steps a day

I'm the type who is always on the move - hiking, running, playing soccer with friends.

When the plantar fasciitis hit me, it felt like a brick wall. I couldn't even jog without wincing. I tried a number of remedies, but nothing stuck. My doctor said the cause was the enormous strain on my feet.

I was quite frustrated and thought I might have to give up some activities I love. Then I tried these special insoles.

When I slipped them into my sneakers, I felt the difference almost immediately. They fit like a glove and gave me support exactly where I needed it.

In just one month, I was not only back on my feet, I was back in the game, stronger than ever.

I now have these insoles in every pair of shoes. They are non-negotiable for me. Thanks to them, I've regained my active lifestyle without compromise. - Oliver, 38

ComfySole is unique. Triple support system. Combats and alleviates the three main problems caused by plantar fasciitis

Norelie (the company behind ComfySole) has found that the pain caused by plantar fasciitis can be divided into three main areas.

Their ergonomic, shock-absorbing insoles are specifically designed to relieve all of these areas and allow the natural suspension system to function properly.

So it targets the three main areas ...

...which can be very painful...

Heel pain.

ComfySole features an ergonomically shaped, shock-absorbing heel cushion that provides immediate relief from heel pain.

Arch pain.

The comfortable sole supports the arch of the foot, relieves pressure on the arch and ensures that your foot's suspension system functions properly.

Metatarsal pain.

ComfySole has an integrated metatarsal cushion that absorbs shock, instantly relieves pain and discomfort in the forefoot and helps you get moving again.

It's these three features together that make Norelies ComfySole the only choice for preventing and curing plantar fasciitis pain!

ComfySole was designed by Norelie, a Finnish start-up dedicated to providing natural solutions for pain patients.

I did a little research on Norelie and I really liked what I found out.

Norelie believes that a pain free life is the result of treating the root cause....

...NOT the symptoms like so many other solutions out there.

They collected data from over 1000 subjects, all suffering from plantar fasciitis, to develop an insole that actually worked.

Norelie's ComfySole supports the foot's natural suspension system and gives the body a break and time to heal ...

...while still allowing you to exercise and promote the circulation needed to reduce the inflammation caused by plantar fasciitis.

With ComfySole this is possible. Every shoe you own provides the instant relief you need while your body heals naturally.

Simply slip the ComfySole into the shoe you're wearing and enjoy the instant relief.

It really couldn't be easier, but you really need to do it now.

If plantar fasciitis is left untreated, it can lead to debilitating pain and prevent you from moving at all.

Plantar fasciitis is no joke.

Over time, inflammation and strain on the plantar fascia can lead to micro-tears in the fascia.

These micro tears cause more pain over time ...

...and they can increase in both size and number, increasing the likelihood of a plantar fascia tear.

This leads to debilitating pain and complete immobility.

Imagine walking across a cracked pane of glass.

If you don't take action to relieve the inflammation, the tears will continue to spread until they eventually become unbearable.

The longer you wait, the greater the risk that you will be completely immobilized.

But a quick switch to ComfySole can change all that.

It is also guaranteed to work or you will get your money back.

You may be thinking: “I can get insoles anywhere.”

And you're right.

The problem is that your classic “department store” insoles are basically just a thin piece of foam and do nothing to support your feet.

Therefore, there is no guarantee whatsoever.

With Norelie ComfySole, you get a full 90-day money-back guarantee.

Most people feel almost immediate relief as the shock-absorbing insoles instantly take the pressure off and relieve your plantar fascia.

Within a few days, the inflammation disappears and the pain is completely gone.

I was overwhelmed by the results.

In fact, I was so thrilled that I bought them for all my friends as an extra birthday present!

Norelie is offering a special limited time offer on ComfySole!

Norelies ComfySole has received a lot of positive attention as more and more people choose to address the root cause of their plantar fasciitis...

...rather than just treating the symptoms.

And to celebrate, the start-up has decided to offer a special deal that makes ComfySole more accessible to everyone.

For a limited time, anyone who buys ComfySole via this link can get 3 pairs for the price of 2


5 pairs for the price of 3!

Personally, I opted for 5 pairs.

I know you can just swap them into the shoes you're currently wearing, but I have three pairs of shoes that I wear all the time.... sneakers, my work shoes and my hiking boots.

With 5 pairs, I can leave them in my fav shoes and I have two extra pairs that I can switch out if I ever wash a pair.

That way I'm NEVER without them!

If you want to buy comfortable soles, you need to place your order now!

ComfySole is only available on the official Norelie website.

This is because each batch is personally checked by the quality control department.

However, due to their attention to detail, the supply is extremely limited.

And I have it on good authority from a Norelie spokesperson that this offer is only available while stocks last.

As soon as they're gone, they'll be back at full price!

And with thousands of positive reviews and recent press coverage, it won't be long before they're completely sold out.

Don't miss your chance to tackle the root cause of your foot pain and help your body do what it does best: HEAL.

You can use this link below to check if the offer is still available and place your order now before the full price applies again.

I don't know where I would be without mine.

And everyone I've bought them for says the same!

Remember, with a 90-day money-back guarantee from one of Finland's most exciting start-ups, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Try ComfySole for yourself and you'll understand exactly what I mean!



By: Jane Evans

Jane Evans is a dedicated health and wellness blogger with a passion for uncovering the most effective alternative treatments and products for pain relief. With a background in holistic health and personal experience in overcoming chronic pain, Jane has become a trusted voice in the world of alternative medicine. Her journey began when conventional treatments fell short of providing lasting relief, prompting her to explore the vast and varied landscape of natural remedies, from herbal supplements to innovative pain management technologies.  

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I swapped the insoles in my work boots to these and first day I saw a dramatic difference. My legs and feet hurt, but no in the same way. Just exhaustion, not pain. Would recommend.

-Jacob R.


I weigh +70kg, I'm a nurse on my feet a lot. After breaking them in and once my feet got used too them, they are very comfortable and work well. I noticed my feet don't hurt anymore and can go longer days.

-Hannah G.


I have tried so many different inserts, wraps etc. These are the best ones!! I highly recommend them. I put the insoles inside my booties and was able to walk all day with NO PAIN!

-Ava D.

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